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Hysterical Panda Pregnancies…

April 14, 2010

– – Humans aren’t the only mammals that can experience false pregnancies.  The female giant panda at the National Zoo is acting like she may be pregnant, sleeping a lot, making nests with shredded bamboo, and even showing elevated hormone levels…but maybe she is, and maybe she isn’t…and she ain’t talkin’.

…the problem is that panda cubs are extremely small, weighing only three to five ounces.  They are accordingly hard to see on an ultrasound.  If a female panda ovulates but fails to conceive, she almost always goes through a false pregnancy that mimics a real one, with the exclusion that there is no developing infant.  Even those working closely with a female panda can’t tell with certainty if she’s “in a family way” until a baby panda pops out.

The National Zoo’s female giant panda, Mei Xiang, has had pseudo-pregnancies for the past three years, but in 2005 successfully birthed a cub, Tai Shan…

..and wouldn’t Hysterical Panda Pregnancies be a great name for a band?

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