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Progressive’s “Rocket Cat”

June 23, 2012

– – He’s not to be confused with “Courageous Cat” or “Rocket Man,” but Progressive Insurance currently features a commercial in which a Progressive associate tries to “bundle” a sweet mewing cat with a rocket in a miniature pod that is reminiscent of the concept and device in the sci fi/horror classic, “The Fly.”  Fret not, however, because this associate is interrupted by the cheerfully demented Progressive icon Flo before this unnatural scheme can be carried out!

“Rocket Cat” is also reminiscent of Nyan cat, originally a YouTube video from 2011 that became an internet meme.  The video merged a Japanese pop song with an animated cartoon cat who has the body of a Pop-Tart, flies through space, and leaves a rainbow trail behind him.  Video games are now available for both “Rocket Cat” and “Nyan Cat,” if this floats your boat.  Either is preferable in my opinion as a flying feline to the dead cat helicopter we’ve blogged about here earlier. 

As for me, I’d like for Flo to place me with a fox in one of her “bundler” machines to see if I may through that means achieve the fusion that I desire.  I’ll even buy her insurance if she’d swing that for me!

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