The Bear is Boarding!- -The Labatt Blue “Undomesticated” Commercial


– – One of the coolest anthropomorphic bears that I’ve seen in a long time appears in the Labatt Blue Big Game XLVIII commercial, “Undomesticated.”  We are shown breathtaking, pristine mountain scenery clothed in winter white down which erupts a snowboarding bear!  Truly a master of the snowboard, this bear makes it look easy as he travels down the slopes to the pulsating percussive electronic stylings of Dillon Francis’ Masta Blasta  (the Rebirth).  His impressive run ends with a leap at a ski lodge where fellow fanciers of winter sports cheer and toast his stellar performance over bottles of Labatt Blue…

…and yes, the bear  even gets the girls at the end, flanked on either side of a hot tub by scantily-clad lovelies!  We are told to get up, get out, and get Undomesticated!   I’ll never be fully domesticated, but I love my creature comforts…

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2 Comments on “The Bear is Boarding!- -The Labatt Blue “Undomesticated” Commercial”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I prefer the new Heineken commercial, where this multi-talented stow-away aboard an ocean liner turns out to be like a hundred clones on a wooden raft!

    The samba girls in the rainbow-colored outfits are smoking hot. 😉


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