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Don’t Forget To Duck!

June 27, 2011

 – – A bus-sized asteroid with the catchy name of 2011 MD will pass within about 7,500 miles of the Earth on Monday, June 27th…a near-miss in astronomical terms.  An object of this size can be expected to come this close to Earth about every six years or so on average. 

Asteroid 2011 MD will be visible in moderately-large amateur telescopes, measuring 9 to 30 meters wide with the best guess about 10 meters.   There is no chance that the asteroid will impact with the earth, and even if it entered the atmosphere it wouldn’t likely reach the Earth’s surface…no planet-killer, this.  After making its closest pass at Earth, the asteroid will zoom through the zone of geosynchronous satellites, but is also extremely unlikely to hit any space junk…unless Lone Star and Barf are out there in their space Winnebago, seeking Princess Vespa!

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