Lions, Tigers, and Bears…

 – – Neither in their native habitat nor near Oz, dozens of wild and exotic animals kept in private ownership escaped from a farm near Zanesville, Ohio Tuesday night when an animal farm owner described as a “collector” released 56 animals from their cages and then killed himself.  Of the released animals which included lions, tigers, bears, mountain lions, wolves, and a baboon, 49 were killed by local authorities who deemed such necessary to ensure the public safety.  Six animals were captured alive while at least a baboon remained unaccounted for.

Counted among the slain animals were 18 tigers, nine male and eight female lions, six black bears, three mountain lions, two grizzly bears, two wolves, and a baboon.  The owner/operator of the wildlife farm had been previously convicted of multiple firearms and animal regulations violations, including cruelty to animals.  

This horrendous and unnecessary tragedy underscores the need for strict and nationally standardized regulations governing the sale and ownership of exotic animals;  Ohio is one of the states that currently has no such laws…

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3 Comments on “Lions, Tigers, and Bears…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I feel sorrier for the animals than I do the guy who released them. If he was in such legal trouble, why not just donate them to Jack Hannah’s outfit?


  2. carycomic Says:

    Unless, of course, he was one of those spoil-sport nut jobs. The kind that likes to think to himself: “If I can’t have them, nobody will!”


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