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“Rebobs,” and Flying Monkeys…

August 26, 2021

Now we’ve all seen The Wizard of Oz like 10,000 times, and know that The Wicked Witch of the West (who I really kinda liked) had a totally cool kind of Air Force comprised of Flying Monkeys that gave some kids nightmares, but which I also liked. The Toto-snatchers even had a sense of fashion, kind of like a cross between Elvis and Evel Knievel. Wouldn’t you secretly like to have some such Flying Monkeys to get after certain people, entertain at your parties, or be in your employment? Theyd make great henchmen!

Having been introduced to Flying Monkeys in such a film classic, we now go in search of them in a Season 3 segment of Monsters and Mysteries in America as seen on (what else) The Travel Channel.  These creatures have been reported in Napa Valley, California, frequenting in particular a wooded section of Partrick Road there.  The cryptic creatures were first reported in the 1960’s and 70’s, with multiple sightings of “the Flying Rebobs” then that continue into the present.  One account covered some teenagers who went partying and camping in the area, hearing screams in the woods.  They camped there, with one of their number awakening with three scratch marks on his chest.  They returned to the road the next day, reportedly seeing a creature which jumped in front of their car then springing to a tree.  The thing was described as large, 7′ tall, and with a large furry body and red eyes.  

In another account a then-teenaged couple in 1997 drove up Partrick Road, reaching a point where temperatures dropped and they felt being watched.  They saw something up in a tree with big red eyes and a penetrating stare, the girl reporting that she “felt real fear,” as if the thing might eat her.  

Now the local legend has it that the Rebobs were a kind of mutant monkey created by a mad scientist type who cross-bred either monkeys and bats, or in another version, monkeys and humans.  In yet other versions, the monkeys have mechanical parts.  The speculation is that they were created as kind of bio-weapons, perhaps for the military.  Well, said monkeys eventually escaped, perhaps killing their creator, and then took over the woods.  “Life will find a way,” right? 

Not surprisingly, no photos exist of the Flying Rebobs, although they have been artistically rendered in a variety of ways, none of which you’ll be likely to find in your neighborhood pet shop..and doesn’t The Flying Rebobs sound like a team of circus acrobats?!

Tennessee Wildman and Subterranean Reptoids!

January 26, 2015



In S3/Ep1 of Monsters and Mysteries in America, we are introduced to a “manimal” residing in the eastern border of Tennessee that is a territorial, bipedal creature about seven to nine feet tall with large eyes and black to reddish-orange hair.  Not quite as large as Sasquatch, the beast makes up for its smaller size with attitude, and has been known to throw rocks and shake trees.  Sightings go back to at least 1878, when a doctor reportedly held an exhibition of a captured specimen. 

More recently in December of 1981 following a rash of reports of missing animals, two brothers in Rockwood noted their dog becoming agitated, investigating outside of their cabin to discover a creature holding a dog at the edge of the woods.  They shot twice at the beast, which screamed and they retreated.  In Johnson City, Tennessee in September of 1997, two cousins heard a scream and saw the Wildman in the woods, barely making it back to their car before the creature appeared and then fled.

If you prefer reptilians, Los Angeles supposedly has a sinister and scaly reptilian, reports of which date back to the 1930’s when a mining engineer went in search of them.   In Anaheim, California in November of 2008, a woman walking her dog saw a reptilian creature with fangs and red eyes below a drain gate which seemed to use telepathy.  The woman sought sanctuary in a truck and called her boyfriend as multiple creatures converged on her; he arrived with a bat and chased three off.  In Apple Valley, California a woman made multiple sandwiches for her young daughter to give to an “imaginary friend” who resided in the daughter’s closet.  Investigating, the woman caught a glimpse of something which retreated into a deep hole.

By some accounts prehistoric leftovers, the reptoids by a more sinister accounting are extraterrestrials searching for breeding partners!  A woman reports being pulled off her bed by one and sprayed with some unknown substance.  Military men were later reported to have abducted and examined the woman.  Apparently, not just Mars needs women, and we seem to be off to a wild and wooly start to the Monsters and Mysteries season…

Men in Black on “Monsters and Mysteries”

January 18, 2015



After a long hiatus, Monsters and Mysteries in America is back, with a fresh episode on Men in Black (S2/Ep 13).  Now these men in black have nothing to do with the popular Will Smith movies, but are depending on which account of them you follow either secret deep government operatives, aliens themselves, or supernatural demonic creatures. 

Hundreds of reports of the Men in Black have come in since 1947.  In their conspiracy incarnation, they are government UFO clean-up agents working at a high level of secrecy.  These gents look rather like the Blues Brothers, wearing dark suits, fedoras, narrow black ties, and sunglasses.  An early report of Men in Black from 1947 concerned the alleged explosion of a UFO in Pudget Sound, Washington, an event which supposedly rained debris down into the harbor and a ship there.  Men in Black then appeared to the crew, calling the object seen a weather balloon and threatening the observers.  A wave of UFO activity was reported to have occurred in Pennsylvania in the 1970’s, with an incident focused on happening in August 1973 in Derry, Pennsylvania.  There a woman and her son in a trailer heard scratching and crying baby type sounds, investigating to find a tall humanoid creature apparently attracted to their electrical supply.  The creature vanished, but Men in Black came thereafter, taking evidence in the form of goo left on the doorknob and a Polaroid photograph taken of unusual footprints, the imprints of which were also destroyed…

…in October of 1973 at a Pennsylvania farm, a red saucer about 100′ in diameter was seen from which emerged two huge figures 7′ -9′ tall with self-illuminating eyes.  Of course they were shot at, causing no damage to the figures but causing them and the saucer to disappear.  The ground appeared to glow where the UFO had landed.  Men in Black came soon thereafter, and hypnotized the farmer, who was never the same thereafter.  

In November of 1996 in West Virginia, a salesman called Woody Derenberger was traveling on Interstate 77 when a spacecraft reportedly appeared in front of his truck.  A humanoid was said to appear out of the craft, sporting a spooky grin as if the creature was trying to approximate a human appearance, but not quite mastering it.  He communicated telepathically with the salesman, calling himself a “searcher,” and promising the man, “We will see you again.”  In this version of Men in Black as aliens, the grinning man and companions did appear to the human repeatedly, with such contacts causing him to develop ESP.  The aliens were seen as trying to shape human development.

The most malevolent Men in Black resemble pale-faced ghouls or vampires.  In a 1987 case reported from Lincoln, Nebraska, a psychiatrist investigating UFO cases reported that a Man in Black visited him, and compelled him to burn his records and tapes of UFO investigations.  A Rev. Baeche also reported a manifestation of a demonic or spiritual MIB who seemed to be supernatural, leaving him traumatized.  Lastly, a Clyde Lewis reported seeing a MIB who could not be photographed with a cell phone camera.

Whether they are deep undercover government clean-up operatives, observing aliens, or supernatural entities, visitation from Men in Black leaves those visited feeling disturbed and deeply shaken…so watch the skies!


Ohio Grassman, Green-Clawed Beast, and Big Muddy Monster…

January 27, 2014


– – The latest edition of Monsters and Mysteries in America presented another trio of unexplained beasties, at least one of which, the Ohio Grassman, has appeared on earlier, similar shows.

First on the agenda was the Green-Clawed Beast, an aquatic creature reported in Evansville, Indiana. In August of 1955, Naomi Johnson was repeatedly pulled underwater in the Ohio River by a lizard-like thing similar in some ways to the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” of film. The woman escaped her ordeal with bruised and clawed legs, and peculiar mud on them analyzed and reported usually from the depths, as in caves. Interestingly enough, an Air Force colonel reportedly came to the woman’s house later investigating the incident, took copious notes, and left admonishing the lady to never repeat her story…someone call Fox Mulder, please…

…then in the vicinity of the Big Muddy River near Murphysboro in June of 1973, a couple in a car near the river heard a scream and saw a creature emerge from the water reported to be about 7′ tall weighing about 400 lbs. with glowing eyes and an unpleasant stench. They reported the incident to the police, who investigated and found foot-long footprints and heard screams. In 1988, a salvage yard worker and his boss saw the creature and retreated to a building against which impacts were then made. The Big Muddy Monster is thought to be a variety of Bigfoot who uses the river for migrating.

Lastly in Salt Fork Park in Eastern Ohio, Grassman legends go back to at least the mid-1800’s. In 1869, an assault on a man with his daughter reportedly occurred, with the plucky lass beaning the Grassman with a large rock while it was grappling with her father. Described as Bigfoot’s stockier, shorter, and angrier cousin, the Grassman is further distinguished by throwing rocks and building nests. A review of the Eddy family’s experience on Morgan’s Trail was detailed where three children saw the creature and the reunited family later heard multiple strikes on trees before wisely retreating. A Hawk Spearman also reported seeing a 6-1/2 to 7 foot tall creature with massive arms who lobbed a rock at him, later stalking and then attacking the trailer where Spearman and his companion were in residence. Gashes were left on the trailer at a height of about 8′ off of the ground…

Thunderbirds, Skinwalkers, and More!

May 2, 2013

skinwalker– – The season finale of Monsters and Mysteries in America went off with a bang in their “Desert Wasteland” episode, treating us to tales (and tails) of thunderbirds, skinwalkers, nightstalkers, and not to be forgotten, aliens!  The American Southwest may be a desert wasteland, but it’s rich in really cool folklore!  Of course, I was hooked, and wouldn’t have been disturbed unless there was an earthquake or I was on fire.

Now since at least the 1960’s, cattle mutilations have been reported in this domain, and it ain’t Ronald McDonald or the Burger King that’s doing it!- – Now who could be mutilating the cattle, excising pieces and organs of them with bloodless, surgical precision?  This question served as the springboard for an introduction to things supposedly possessing the capability for such mayhem, namely thunderbirds or skinwalkers.

Now Thunderbirds here do not refer to the legendary Ford sportscar, but rather to pterodactyl-like flying creatures with wingspans of perhaps thirty feet or so, long referred to in Native American folklore.  Skinwalkers are my personal favorite of the things covered, a kind of demonic assassin created by magic to harass and harm.  A type of male witch, the skinwalker can change form at will, often taking the shape of wolves or coyotes although owls or other bird forms are also known, and any shape is possible!  Skinwalkers execute curses at the behest of someone else, and in human form could be anyone, even a neighbor.

Nightstalkers as presented are an enigmatic bipedal creature that can come in different shapes.  Their form is indistinct, although red eyes are commonly noted.  As their name suggests, they tend to come at night, and can haunt dreams.  Claw-like scratches on flesh and metal are reported by those who contend that they have encountered them.

Aliens are commonly considered as potential cattle mutilators, presumably possessing the technology capable of bloodless organ excision.  In the southwest, alien grays have been reported to abduct and “harvest” humans, in one case supposedly removing a fetus from a pregnant woman.  The biological father of this child reported being again abducted years later, and introduced to the product of that pregnancy.  Presumably the kid would get some pretty advanced schooling!

All in all, the episode had great, captivating stuff, but did I  believe all of it?  I see the purpose of such shows as being to entertain and inspire wonder, and to cause us to consider alternative explanations of phenomena.  I love such shows dearly…but I’m not quite ready for the tinfoil hat brigade yet!

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