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March 1, 2012

– – Think The Muppets meet Family Guy, and you’ve got a starting idea of what the show Mongrels is like!  This British sitcom revolves around the lives of five anthropomorphic animals who hang around the back of a pub in London.  I’m an easy sell for the show as one of the main characters is Nelson, described as a likeable middle-class urban “metrosexual fox.”  Other regular characters include an Afghan hound, a borderline-retarded cat, a pigeon, and another sociopathic, foul-mouthed fox. The pilot of the show also included a suicidal chicken!

 Definitely not for the wee ones, the show features neutering, incontinence, cannibalism, and catnip overdoses!  The show was described as attempting to do for puppetry what American shows like The Simpsons have done for animation.  The show, which took five years to make, ran on the BBC for two seasons between 2010 and 2011, but sadly was not renewed for a third season due to poor viewing figures.  Episodes and clips of Mongrels may still be viewed on Hulu and YouTube,  and Nelson has a page on Facebook as well as another promoting him for Prime Minister…what a fox!  

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