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Pig On A Plane!

December 25, 2012

Maxwell on plane– – We’ve had the movie, Snakes on a Plane, and now we have Maxwell the Pig in a commercial set on a plane, where two flight attendants are after him to turn off what they think is his “little word game.”- -Well, it turns out that Maxwell is actually using his Geico application to pay his bill, detailing a host of other potential functions which the flight attendants can’t quite swallow, one remarking that she’ll believe the accounting of the app’s functionality “when pigs fly.”  

“Did she seriously just say that?!,” marvels Maxwell to a fellow passenger in this episode which is free of the “wee” squealing and the pinwheels that were Maxwell’s hallmarks in earlier commercials.  Pigs, it would seem, fight stereotypes as do many of us for a variety of assorted reasons…

…and wishing Happy Holidays to all of our readers!

…And A Little Pig Shall Lead Them!

August 15, 2010

– – Yes, that’s right…another post on the same topic, something without precedent in the annals of Foxsylvania!   Some say that he’s cuter than the Geico gecko, but you can’t compare apples and oranges, and appearance is subjective, anyways!  At any rate, Maxwell the Pig has taken on a life of his own, and appears at home both everywhere and nowhere, a surreal porker for the 21st century.   Both lovable and annoying, he’s just being himself!  With a literary tradition going back to the 1728 nursery rhyme (“The Nurse’s Song”), this little piggy is as old as the 18th century but as fresh as tomorrow!

Maxwell knows that life is too important a matter to be taken seriously.  He has a childlike quality and exuberance that would brighten the psyches of the worst “namby pamby jackwagons.” The endless squealing is meaningless,  yet somehow manages to say it allthat embracing life with a pinwheel in each hand while leaning out of the window and shrieking with delight is perhaps the best of all ways to handle it!

The name “Maxwell” is of English/Scottish/Welsh origins, and means “major well.”  This well is one we all could benefit from drinking from…

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