Still Rockin’ the X-Files…

Hard to Kill” might have been a subtitle of the second installment of the new limited X-Files  season as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully eluded and thwarted deadly Soviet operatives when guided themselves by the artificial intelligence version of a deceased Lone Gunman who sought to be unplugged, Richard Langly (aka Ringo).

I like how the series has kept its paranormal core while expanding the two central characters into almost action-heroes.  I mean, when armed with only handguns against a legion of Soviets with automatic weapons who attacked them at home they killed two Soviets outright,  and not only eluded death  but despite being handcuffed together managed to escape!  These are two smart, savvy, and tough FBI agents who could probably be featured on recruitment posters for the agency.  The episode expanded upon real-life events, too, with the enigmatic Skinner referencing how the current administration in Washington didn’t like the FBI much, and had even been infiltrated by Soviets.  

Now deep in the bowels of a compromised FBI resided a supercomputer into which had been uploaded the virtual essences of Langly and hundreds of other people whose survival was deemed desirable for the dark times to come.  A computerized existence was abnormal and apparently hellish, however, for Langly who wanted the program ended and his virtual existence expunged.  Mulder and Scully now as renegade agents were ultimately able to penetrate the forbidden FBI complex, with Mulder going mano-a-mano against a younger agent (and besting him) while Scully zaps the computer.  Plot twist, however; the bad guys made a backup system, so we may be hearing from the virtual Lone Gunman again.  I’d like that…

The notion of uploading an individual’s life experiences and general personality attributes to a computer program to simulate that person in life is within the fringes of a possible future reality, and may someday provide a kind of worldly immortality while allowing relatives to interact with a version of a departed loved one without requiring the downside of a zombie…I want to believe! — And hooray for the FBI and two of its coolest agents!

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8 Comments on “Still Rockin’ the X-Files…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I just saw this on FOX ON DEMAND. Those you call “Soviets” were actually Russian mercs working for the Moscow branch of an American “private security” company.* But, aside from that nitpick, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode!

    This is the third time the show has dealt with the potential misuses and abuses of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The first time was in the first season episode ‘Ghost In The Machine’ (about a rogue AI in charge of an office building). While the second time was in the fifth season episode ‘Kill Switch’ (about a rogue AI trying to protect cyberspace from being polluted by uploaded human minds).

    Now we have a new version of the Syndic trying to create a VR counterpart of Noah’s Ark…using shanghaied minds.

    Chris Carter has once again cooked up a lot of food for thought.

    *One of them, whom I nicknamed “Twisted Mister,” I suspect of being a former lead singer of the Ramones.


  2. carycomic Says:

    It certainly looked like they had each others bodies at the end of last night’s episode. ;-D

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    • carycomic Says:

      Ugh! Tonight’s episode was the worst one this season. An even bigger, unfunnier self-parody than last year’s episode about the 9-to-5 Lizard Man!


      • vulpesffb Says:

        I found it fun for a while but ultimately it kind of went overboard, and was offensive to true fans of the series and its mythology. David Duchovny as a guest on a morning show prior to the episode had proclaimed it “the best one ever,” so I had high expectations. It wasn’t what I expected or wanted…

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        • carycomic Says:

          See “Hell Hound of MOUNTAIN MONSTERS” for my review on last week’s X-FILES episode (about resentful A.I.’s).


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