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Kia Hamsters “Party Rock!”

September 7, 2011

 – – You think that you’re watching a commercial for a Halo-esque video game that you wanna play, and it’s got everything — the robotic warriors are engaged in a ferocious battle in a post-apocalyptic world complete with death lasers and Terminator-type hunter-killer aircraft when up pulls a green Kia Soul out of which emerge three human-size hamsters who compose themselves and then dazzle the combatants with their moves to Electro Hop group LMFAO’s hit Party Rock Anthem.  It’s utterly irresistible, and soon there’s a cease fire in favor of some world-class shufflin’!  We’re even shown a sparking robotic lower body that still has some killer moves in it!

Once again, furries have restored peace and harmony, and a dance fight triumphs over a firefight!  It’s all good, but I missed seeing the golden robot that graces LMFAO’s performances…he is awesome, and likely to be a fave this Halloween! 

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