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Getting Bugged Lately?

July 14, 2010

– – Some people would say that you’re probably not eating enough bugs.  Now a word to the wise is sufficient, and if you’re eating a nice snack or are phobic towards insects, you may want to opt out of this post for now, but please come back for another!   That being said, let’s continue with entomophagy…eating insects as food!   You have been duly warned…

Now the idea of eating insects doesn’t fly well in the U.S.A. (- -heh heh!), but insects are commonly consumed in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.  Insects are not usually eaten in the European nations, the U.S., and Canada, where a psychological barrier exists to their consumption.  Insects are excellent sources of protein, but shouldn’t be eaten raw as some contain viruses, bacteria, or toxins used for defensive purposes.  For that matter, one shouldn’t eat chicken raw!

Western society tends to be removed from its food sources, and is reliant on “center of the animal” foods.  Insects additionally are not raised commercially in most western countries except as pet food or fish bait, and suffer the stigma of being considered “vermin.”

And I, too, will pass on the insect plate, at least while there’s pizza to be had!

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