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Howloween at Last!

October 31, 2011

– – It’s HalloweenFoxsylvanians, that most special day of the year to me, and I would be much amiss if I didn’t wish each and every one of my valued readers a frightful and delightful day!  Enjoy the day, and Get your roar on!


October 31, 2010



– – HAPPY HOWLOWEEN to all of you!!! It’s always been a special occasion to me, a day on which you can let your inner furry self out, and not be as totally out of place.–So  give your imagination a good romp, and remember to be at least furry inside the other 364 days of the year!

Howloween’s Coming…

October 29, 2009

furries– – If you’re like me, you’ve always loved Halloween…I mean, really loved it!  Halloween is the one day of the mundane world year that kinda allows the freak show playing in the heads of many of us for the other 364 days as well to go on.   It’s a day when you can bring your inner furry self out without being condemned or stigmatized as much as you otherwise might be.   For a while, you can actually just kinda belong, and be yourself!

…I think that acceptance is what a lot of us who are furries really want, because so often it seems like we are put on the defensive, forced into the position of running damage control.   We just want to be allowed to be ourselves for the admittedly strange to some but rather unique creatures that we are, with paws in two worlds…is that so wrong, too much to ask for?

Really Bad Halloween Jokes…

October 31, 2008

(–These jokes are not up to our usual standards on Foxsylvania, not that we have many to begin with!– Now you have been properly warned! — Proceed at your own risk!)

Q:  Why did the skeleton leave the dance early?

A:  He had no body to dance with.

Q:  Why couldn’t the boy ghost have children?

A:  Because he had a hallow-weenie.

Q:  What did Dracula do while in New York City?

A:  He visited the bloodsuckers on Wall Street.

Q:  Why did the vampire couple separate?

A:  Because their relationship sucked.

Q:  What’s the difference between a male deer and a witch?

A:  One’s a hunted stag, and the other’s a stunted hag.

..and finally, the last Howloween joke!  (<cheers>)

Q:  When’s a bad time to run into a black cat?

A:  When he has an Obama sticker on his car!

(We apologize but do not accept responsibility for these jokes, the likes of which you will not now be subjected to for another year…  😉  )

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