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Kitten Bears Message Of Love

March 26, 2008

08324194532_kitty-love1-185.jpg — A kitten born in California on Easter in a litter of six appears to bear a message of love for its mother; the black and white kitten’s markings seem to say, “I (heart) (dot).”  The kitten’s mother is named “Dottie”…cute, huh?

Vintage Wierd

February 10, 2008

exploding_whale.jpgNot for the queasy!–In November of 1970, a 45-foot, eight-ton carcass of a dead whale washed up on the coast of Oregon. It was rancid and they wanted to get rid of it, so a group of highway engineers decided to blow the sucker up with dynamite! This was on the theory that the dynamited whale parts would then be consumed by seagulls and the problem would be eliminated. So they put half a ton of dynamite next to the dead whale, and set it off…and in the resulting explosion, some rather big chunks of dead whale blubber filled the air, threatening the spectators and causing them to beat a hasty retreat. One big chunk o’ dead whale impacted with the roof of a car with predictable bad results. All in all, it was not a pretty sight…

…and this is not an “urban legend”…this really happened! The event was taped, and the video may still be seen…

Glow Cat!

December 17, 2007

glow-cat.jpg –Korean researchers have produced cloned Turkish Angora cats that glow red in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet light!  They modified a gene in the cat’s skin, inserting a fluorescent red gene. 

It’s been known how to clone a cat for about seven years.  Cats are known to suffer from 250 or so genetic disorders that humans do, too.  By cloning rare animals with certain conditions, researchers could have a population to study the condition and potenial treatments for it.

Glow in the dark cats would also make great spooky gifts, and eliminate need for a night light!  I myself am the product of a secret government experiment gone terribly awry…

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