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Allstate “Mayhem” Guard Dog!

April 8, 2012

– – He’s played a raccoon, and now the Allstate “Mayhem” guy is going to the dogs, playing an utterly ineffective guard dog!   The commercial spot begins with the Mayhem guy sprawled canine-like on the floor but wearing no costume whatsoever.  “I’m your dog, holding down the fort while you’re out catching a movie,” he explains, pausing to gnaw on a hefty bone.  “Lucky for me your friends showed up with this awesome bone.- -Hey!  You guys are great!,” he declares with a mouthful to the surreal white-faced flashlight-wielding robbers ransacking the house.

Mayhem in canine guise steps outside with the departing thieves to remind us that if we got our home insurance where we purchased our cut-rate car insurance, it might not replace all this…but alas, the canine is apparently wearing one of those “invisible perimeter fence” collars, and he receives twin zapping jolts of electricity which knock him to the ground at that point!  We see Mayhem sit up and shake his head to clear it as the thieves drive off…great stuff!

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