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“Sharknado;” Awesome Silliness!

July 19, 2013


– – Being eaten by an airborne shark can ruin your whole day!  It’s not that the SyFy Channel hasn’t made and aired breath-taking bad movies before; it’s just that Sharknado is one of those rare hilariously bad movies that has taken on a life of its own, and taken Twitter by storm.  For the time that Sharknado aired, there was the feeling that a global ephemeral community had formed, and that thousands, perhaps millions of bad movie connoisseurs were united in groaning and laughing over the premise and execution of this marvelously bad flick.

Originally airing on the SyFy Channel on July 11th and repeated on air July 18th, Sharknado was a kind of monster meets disaster movie production in which a freak hurricane hits Los Angeles, causing man-eating sharks to be scooped up in tornadoes, which then flooded the city with shark-infested waters.  There is something dark inside many of us that delights in seeing someone eaten by a shark, especially a throw-away character that deserves it.  Unlike similar movies in which there’s only five or ten minutes of actual gory action, Sharknado didn’t skimp on the shock and sharks; there were sharks peppered throughout the film, on land, sea, and air!  They consumed fleeing motorists, and even made their way into flooded houses. – – That’s gotta lower property values!

If you left your brains at the door, Sharknado was great fun!  Sample dialogue:  “We’re gonna fight.  You can’t just stand around and wait for sharks to rain down on us.”  Fight the protagonists did, with shotguns, baseball bats, and even chainsaws…they got up in helicopters, and used home-made propane bombs to neutralize tornadoes!   You haven’t lived until you’ve seen someone use a chainsaw to rescue a woman after being consumed and inside the shark!  Contracted by the SyFy Channel and directed for film studio The Asylum by Anthony C. Ferrante,  Sharknado will have a sequel set in New York City, with fans suggesting titles on Twitter

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