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Urban Disaster Survivors…

December 6, 2012


– – It’s time to cue up the Willard movies!  While superstorm Sandy killed many rats in New York City, those which survived have been driven from flooded subway tunnels, emerging to find new sources of food that include rotting trash, pigeons, fish, and other rats.  Rats will burrow beneath buildings to  establish new homes, and can slide into holes as small as half an inch (the width of their skulls), even though their bodies can measure up to 18 inches long.  (“Ben, you’re always running here and there…”)

Weep not for the pigeons, either.  Originally cliff-dwelling birds, skyscrapers suit pigeons well.  When displaced, they tend to find a safe place to get out of the wind, and then fly to new food sources.

Rats and pigeons are successful around humans as they are well-adapted to what we do…Adapt and prevail,” as the Borg would say…

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