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The Virgin, Or Knot?

July 15, 2012

– – We’ve posted before on how people have seen both religious and secular notables in mundane objects, including visions of Jesus, Mary, and Elvis on interior and exterior walls and even food substances, including burnt bacon and a cheese sandwich.- -Well, in one of the latest sightings, a gnarl in the bark of a tree in West New York has been found to resemble the Virgin Mary. 

The tree has attracted hundred of visitors since its discovery on July 10th, so many in fact that the police have found it necessary to section off the tree with barricades.  The site has become a shrine with the tree surrounded by flowers and burning candles. 

There is that tendency in the human mind to seek meaningful patterns in randomness or ambiguous stimuli, in the same manner that faces and objects may be seen in passing clouds.  The phenomenon is of course natural, but  belief and culture are what gives a perceived symbol meaning…

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