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Primitive Aliens!

June 7, 2010

– – I, for one, like the thought of primitive aliens so that we could feel superior to them. We’re all heard that aliens may have seeded earth with life in the long-ago, given the technological know-how to build the pyramids, and other great stuff. But forget about awesome aliens for now, and consider aliens that are below even ourselves on the evolutionary scale.   Such aliens might exist as methane-based life on Saturn’s moon, Titan.

Now Saturn, while it has really cool rings, has no liquid water on its surface.  It does, however, have lakes of liquid methane there.  While you’d hardly care to vacation on Titan, exotic primitive life forms may exist by feeding on organic chemicals such as methane.  Scientists note that lack of hydrogen and acetylene near the surface of Titan suggest that it is being consumed by something there…

..and wouldn’t a methane-eating pet beat a Chia Pet any day?!