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MiO “Naked Mole Rat…”

May 10, 2012

– – I, for one, prefer not to see naked mole rats, especially when they’re in an obvious state of intoxication.  Strange sights are known to appear with some regularity at the Watering Hole, however, a bar or pub frequented by anthropomorphic animals in a series of MiO Energy Drink commercials.  

In this brief segment, previously-seen Rhino and Zebra characters are discussing how convenient the small water additives are to carry anywhere when the mole rat appears, naked but with certain mole rat, err, parts tastefully pixillated out.  The mole rat slides up onto the bar, wearing a checked hat and little red sneakers, and proceeds to shake his booty.  Where does the mole rat carry his MiO, asks the Zebra…the Rhino prefers not to think about it.- -One can hardly blame him!  Other characters from previous episodes such as the Cheetah are seen in the background…