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MiO’s “All Nighter!”

April 18, 2012

– – We’ve met the MiO Cheeta before and likewise the Rhino, but in this commercial for MiO Energy Drinks we go back to the Watering Hole and re-visit the Rhino again, this time finding him so tired that he’s apparently hired a small monkey to perch on his shoulder and slap him in the face to keep him awake!  We see the monkey do this repeatedly, at one point using the Rhino’s convenient horn to swing to the opposite side of his face.  But the Rhino needn’t suffer this abuse…a Zebra is there, one with incredible eyesHe pours a MiO Energy Drink additive into the Rhino’s drink, which perks the big guy up right away!  The Rhino then fires the monkey, which nets him the biggest slap of all!

It’s not the best one in the series in my opinion, but it’s always great to go to the Watering Hole!

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