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The Hawk of Achill…

October 23, 2012

– – I, for one, worry about extremely large whiskey-swilling birds of prey terrorizing the neighborhood; they might, for example, lower already-depressed property values, to say nothing of discouraging tourism.

We are introduced to such a creature in Jameson Whiskey’s third commercial in a series that celebrates the supposed exploits of the brand’s founder.  Now the “Hawk of Achill” is an enormous fowl with a habit of terrorizing the island’s inhabitants, and worse yet, stealing Jameson’s Irish whiskey!  It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Giant Roc, and appears like something which might have been celebrated in an episode of MonsterQuest.  We catch only glimpses of the hawk, but are told that it has carried off both the mason’s daughter and whiskey.  Now Jameson as portrayed will do just about anything to recover a barrel of his brew, so he stows away in one of his own barrels, and is carried off by the hawk to the great bird’s nest, where he encounters the comely lass who’s another victim of the bird’s thievery.   While we are not shown how Jameson accomplishes the feat, we next see the alcohol avenger back home at a feast for the townspeople where the hawk has been prepared like a gigantic Thanksgiving turkey!- -It’s bird and brew for everyone!  And hawk leftovers for the next several weeks, undoubtedly…

Thus be it ever to alcoholic avians!  The commercial has a rich atmospheric feel, and an appropriately haunting musical score of Danse Macabre

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