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Bad Stereotyping

June 10, 2008

The G4 network can be a mixed bag, with some good stuff and some less than exemplary; taste is subjective, of course.  But on a recent presentation called Wired Sex, a show was presented on fetishes available through the internet, and grouped furries rather broadly as one of them, in the same category as a rubber and latex fetish.  It was the worst, most biased portrayal of furry culture that I have seen since the notorious CSI episode.

The furry community is quite diverse, and I resent any portrayal of furry culture that paints us all with the same brush.  Stereotypes are at best misleading, and are often hurtful; they substitute for thought and objectivism.  For some, being furry admittedly can be a fetish, but we certainly are not all the same.

The show did make the valid point that the internet has drawn many of us together who previously were isolated, and given us a sense of community.  I hope that someday we simply will be accepted by the larger culture, just as we accept that culture and the many groups within it.

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