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The Fabulous, Gangster Felines of “Lackadaisy”

March 15, 2023

Cats, when you think about it, are natural vintage 1920’s-era gangster animals. You’ve heard of swing cats, and they’ve got the music of the jazz era covered, with an electro-swing soundtrack. So put a bunch of anthropomorphic cats in prohibition era New Orleans. complete with the garb, wheels, weaponry, and style of the era, and you’ve got a real winner! I’d like a piece of their action, frankly…

Now Lackadaisy is a speakeasy that operates during Prohibition behind the front of the Little Daisy Cafe eatery. It’s previous proprietor was slain in a hit, so it remains to the surviving members of the mob to find their way again, and keep their business operational. Fortunately, cats are nothing if not adaptable survivors, and within their numbers they are well able to meet these challenges, all the time looking good, and fully in the spirit of the age…

Lackadaisy is the creation of Tracy J. Butler, and originated as a webcomic that is approaching breakout status, with a short film in the works. Her artwork is richly detailed and highly expressive, with a world of distinctive characters. I really think that great things lie ahead for these gangster cats, and their retro, fully-visualized 1927 speakeasy world…check ‘em out! 😸

“We play rough. That ‘s why they call us animals!

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