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Purebred Werewolves on “Being Human”

February 9, 2012

– – The moon is full as I write, and I’m mindful of how we’re conditioned to think of most werewolves as being, well, reluctant, and if anything tormented by their werewolf status in the Lon Chaney, Jr. tradition. Such werewolves were not born as such, and were “turned” or made into werewolves by the bite or sometimes even scratch of another werewolf.

Episode 204 of the innovative and engaging Being Human show presented us with beasts of a somewhat different variety, a brother and sister pair of purebred werewolves. Both of the parents of these twins were werewolves, and so they were born into the condition. The wolfy senses of such purebreds are heightened all of the time, not just before and during the full moon; indeed, the twins presented take wolfsbane as kind of a canine Xanax to take the edge off, whereas in most werewolf lore it acts as a poison or repellant for werewolves. Far from loathing their lycanthropy, these furry twins (Brynn and Conner) find it a consummation devoutly to be wished, so much so that they wish to turn to their lupine state whenever they wish, not just during the full moon.

The storyline gets more complicated in the series, with regular werewolf character Josh engaging in research to put an end to his lycanthropy whereas the twins who exult in it are interested in the research so as to enable werewolf conversions “on demand;” wouldn’t this be a kick! No doubt more interesting events lie ahead!