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The Big Bang Theory

December 18, 2010

– – Not the cosmological model…but rather what was once called the “dumb show about smart guys.”  Featuring brilliant but socially inept science nerds, the show has an undeniable chemistry among ensemble cast members and makes intellectualism admirable. You might catch a glimpse of someone you know among these characters, certainly not yourself  (snorts while laughing and adjusts his pocket protector)!

Theory is centered around the character of Sheldon as played to perfection by Jim Parsons, who looks as he is taunted on a recent show “like a preying mantis.”   “That’s very hurtful,” he responded.   Sheldon speaks with precise, impeccable, comically fussy grammar, possibly the best delivery on television.  Neurotically afflicted with OCD and hypochondriasis,  Sheldon is living in a world that he can never really be a part of; he is in the world, but not of it.  Truly there is, as Peanuts once observed, no greater burden than having a high potential.

This is one of the best, most intelligently written comedies ever on television!  Who ever would have thought that post-doctoral physicists could be featured in an engaging show on a major network?   Big Bang Theory works on a variety of levels…maybe there’s hope for us yet!

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