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Looney Tunes

January 8, 2009

elmer_fudd_bugs_bunnyQ:–What is a wok?

A:–It’s something that you throw at a wabbit!

If you are like me, your early development as a  furry can be traced to, or is indebted to cartoons that you watched as a cub or kit, especially things like Looney Tunes. These classics were way ahead of their time, and for the most part have aged well.–Bravo, Bugs Bunny!

Exit Opus the Penguin…

October 15, 2008

–On November 2nd, Opus the Penguin with again be leaving us, this time supposedly forever.  Written by Berkeley Breathed, Bloom County was the first comic in which Opus appeared, initially as a short-term character.  Opus soon became the heart and soul of this 1980’s strip, and was a real break-away character.  Aptly described as an existential penguin, Opus was a sweet and innocent little guy whose ventures into contemporary culture nonetheless exposed the absurdities of modern life. Bloom County also introduced us to lawyer Steve Dallas and the unforgettable Bill the Cat…ack!

When Bloom County wound down after a long and successful run, Opus came back in another strip, Outland, and finally in the current solo effort, Opus. He was often depicted as wearing a red bow tie or a traditional tie, and was even at times shown wearing tidy whities underwear.  I will deeply miss this very special anthropomorphic penguin… <sighs>

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