Looney Tunes

elmer_fudd_bugs_bunnyQ:–What is a wok?

A:–It’s something that you throw at a wabbit!

If you are like me, your early development as a  furry can be traced to, or is indebted to cartoons that you watched as a cub or kit, especially things like Looney Tunes. These classics were way ahead of their time, and for the most part have aged well.–Bravo, Bugs Bunny!

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2 Comments on “Looney Tunes”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Like I said before…

    “It’s deer season! Wabbit season! Deer season!”

  2. firefox b Says:

    It’s hard to beat the classics!–Care to join me in a chorus of, “Kill the Wabbit?”

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