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Unsinkable “Battleship?”

August 1, 2011

 – – More bad aliens are on the horizon, guys.  While sitting in the theater waiting to see Cowboys and Aliens and wondering why I was being subjected to a Buick commercial as minutes ticked by,  previews also airedincluding one for a movie not to reach the big screen until May of 2012.  The movie is called Battleship, and is loosely based on…the board game of the same name, with alien invaders thrown in as the antagonists.  Said aliens, “The Regents,” have come to Earth to build a power source in the ocean.  During their visit, the aliens encounter a navy fleet, and a very intense and dynamic battle ensues.  The teaser trailer shows a humongous USO emerging from the sea; “Prepare to fire!,” orders the commanding officer.  “Sir, which weapons?,” questions the subordinate.  “All of them,” responds the commander.

Now movies have been made about board and video games before, for example Clue and Mortal CombatBattleship will be one of the most expensive movies that Hollywood has ever made with an estimated budget of 200 million, and it carries the distinction of already having been cited by James Cameron (Aliens) as an example of the lack of creativity and viable story lines in Hollywood. 


I’m not worried about the outcome of this conflict, however.  We can always turn Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford or the SEALs loose on the aliens…

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