“Break Free” VW Tiguan Commercial…

As the movie Lamb showed us, sheep have been, well, shorn of proper respect and attention in the animal kingdom. They have untapped potential as pets and child-surrogates. This is brought to our attention in a recent commercial for Volkswagen’s Tiguan.

So what happens when you allow a wayward sheep into your VW Tiguan, and take him home with you? Well, he or she becomes much like a dog, hanging out the vehicle’s window, and making themselves at home in your home, demanding walks, drinking from the toilet, making a mess when you’re away, and adorably taking a bath while bleating.—Ahh, the many joys of pet-parenting!

Life gets bigger, you see, when you break from the herd. So “make your own kind of music.” Who am I to judge? Just don’t call your new ovine pet Lambchop. They might get the wrong idea…🐑

And a Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! 🦊

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5 Comments on ““Break Free” VW Tiguan Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I wonder if that’s a Leicester/Merino ewe?*

    *Merino sheep originated in Spain and were noted for their exceptionally soft wool. Leicesters (pronounced “Lesters”) are a long-wool breed from the English shire of the same name.

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