“The Great Wolves Have Arrived” Commercial…

The Great Wolf Lodge commercials can be somewhat disconcerting. They are enormous wolves, you see, of a size that makes even dire wolves look wimpy. Fortunately they are friendly, and you ride them like oversized horses to the Great Wolves Lodge resorts…

A mother leaves work to find a Great Wolf waiting for her, and so rides him to pick up her son at school, even though the son would be barely a morsel for the wolf should he turn predacious. But not to worry! These wolves are just the iconic mascots for the family indoor water parks, which started in Wisconsin in 1997, and now have 19 locations…

Nothing brings the pack together like a trip to one of their indoor water resorts, so the commercial’s tagline is to “strengthen the pack!” We may all be grateful that these fantasy wolves are both imaginary and quite docile… 🦊


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3 Comments on ““The Great Wolves Have Arrived” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Imagine if they were CGI lions plugging the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas!*

    *Insert “shudder” icon here.

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  2. carycomic Says:

    Then, again; if that hotel were hosting the 1st Annual “Hoarders Without Borders” Convention…


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