“Grilling Out” with the LiMu Emu…

I’m not sure that one would want to date or marry an insurance company spokesman or rep as depicted on TV, where they never seem to be able to talk about anything but insurance, which can get old really fast! So it is at an outdoor cookout for Liberty Mutual’s “Doug” (David Hoffman), the Emu, and their presumed wives. The partners are dressed alike in matching loud yellow floral Hawaiian print shirts, and even their wives are in matching tones. It’s a surreal occasion, their outfits matching the yellow finish of the Liberty Mutual-mobile visible in the background. They’re nothing but thematic here…

When Doug blathers only about insurance, his wife politely asks him to change the topic, it being the weekend and all.- -Give it a rest, dude! In the awkward silence that follows, Doug asks the Emus wife if she would prefer to eat either a hot dog or chicken right off the grill, the latter offering seeming to be at least quasi-cannibalistic for the bird. The Emu vocalizes a brief response which Doug interprets to indicate a choice for a hot dog. It is not clear whether this is possibly because chickens may resemble baby emus in their sight…

For inquiring minds, the Emu memorably depicted in these commercials is a mix of real bird and CGI effects. At any rate, he certainly can rock a pair of aviator shades! Perhaps a future commercial could touch on a sensitive issue, such as The Great Australian Emu War of 1932, where 20,000 emus prevailed against World War I veterans armed with machine guns. They are a resourceful and resilient species… 🦊

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3 Comments on ““Grilling Out” with the LiMu Emu…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    If he ever gets sick of listening to Doug being the Jamie of Liberty Mutual, Emu could go into the oil business. At least, there seems to be a big market for Emu Oil in northern New England.

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      Why, I’ve even put it on my shoes! Oh…my…God! 🙀

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      • carycomic Says:

        I just heard a couple of interesting stories on the local Fox News affiliate, Channel 61. For starters? Some recreational diver in Provincetown, Massachusetts, recently re-enacted the Biblical story of Jonah when he wound up being accidentally swallowed by a humpback whale!

        Fortunately, for both of them, the throats of all baleen whales are only big enough to swallow liquefied swarms of those microscopic shrimp called krill. So, to keep from choking to death on this guy, the humpback spit him back out.

        Meanwhile, in Pasadena, California, residents of a certain neighborhood are apparently becoming super-annoyed insomniacs due to a local flock of feral pet peafowl (only the males are peacocks; females are technically peahens) due to the alpha male’s mating call. The one used in so many vintage low-budget jungle movies, it’s become a stereotypical sound-effect:

        “Ah-AR! Ah-AR! Ah-AR! Ah-AR!”

        Such being the case, however, I say: why not have the state fish-and-game people relocate these birds to Tarzana? 😉

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