Mysterious Creature Stalks Canadian Moose?

Here we go again…another sighting of an alleged unknown creature, this one supposedly stalking a moose!  The encounter occurred July 29th in Gaspesie in the Quebec area of Canada.  As usual, only a blurry, indistinct, out-of-focus image of the creature (circled) is available for perusal.  It is said to resemble Tolkien’s Gollum or perhaps the Rake.  The thing spotted was said to have moved in an inhuman fashion, shaped like a hunched-over demon and about six feet in height.

Skeptics say that the thing was most likely a splat on the window of the vehicle from which the picture was taken, and it simply appears superimposed from there by the treeline.  It is not known if the moose suffered any ill fate from the encounter.  I for one would be more excited if the moose had appeared accompanied by a flying squirrel named Rocky who wore aviator goggles…

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5 Comments on “Mysterious Creature Stalks Canadian Moose?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Personally, I think it’s a nearsighted Aberdeen-Angus bull.*

    *Anybody else remember that star-crossed love affair between a myopic bull moose and a frigid Hereford cow?

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  2. carycomic Says:

    Hint-hint! One was called Jessica; the other was called Josh. Guess who was which.

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  3. vulpesffb Says:

    Now here’s a crossover scenario; Dudley Dooright emerges from the woods, shouting to the moose “I’ll save you!” The moose turns, and is revealed to be…Bullwinkle!

    “I don’t recall needing any help,” he responds, blissfully oblivious.

    Then the unknown creature disguise is dropped, revealing…Boris and Natasha!

    “The jig is up, Boris,” warns Natasha.

    “Moose and squirrel have brought authorities!,” laments Boris Badenov, slinking away with his partner… (Fade to black)

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