NJM’s “Ferret Interview” Commercial…

I have long been of the opinion that ferrets are wonderful animals whose potential has barely been touched in commercials, the furry fandom, and society in general. They are cool, cute, endearing, smart, and move well. Perhaps through commercials such as this one, the Day of the Ferret will finally have arrived!

Just check out this little guy…small in size, but big in talent! He’s lithe, good-looking, well-spoken, and he even moonwalks! Appearing for a job interview, the ferret is offered a job in the mail room by the job interviewer, who clearly lacks vision. The ferret sees himself as having mascot potential, and frankly would be a great one!

Now NJM Insurance promotes itself as having no mascots and no jingles, and I respect them for that. Some of the mascot commercials are admittedly stupid or over-the-top. But I would snatch this little guy up, and sign him to a long-term contract, fast! I can even see a TV series working nicely for this one…

Now in my twisted perspective, I’d like to see the tables reversed, and the ferret interviewing the woman. She could then then be told that she didn’t meet company needs at this time, or perhaps more darkly be assigned to writing company “mission statements” and other jobs from hell…

Now to see another ferret used effectively, check out the character of Fungo Squiggly in the comic strip Get Fuzzy. Fungo is rough and borderline thuggish, he smokes, is said to chew metal as a hobby, produces Ferret Television, and is the nemesis of Bucky the Cat. Will there be a ferret in your future?

And by the way, a Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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6 Comments on “NJM’s “Ferret Interview” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I don’t think a ferret would be ideal as a mascot for any insurance company. Too much chance of every potential policy-holder declining on the grounds of inability to trust “some corporate weasel!”

    Btw: I heard on my hometown new station about an elementary school that had an unusual break-in, last night. A male white-tail deer, for some reason, crashed through a glass-paneled fire exit…but failed to make it back out the same way!

    Fortunately, a local game warden was able to lure it out very early this morning. I like to think he bribed it with a little doe! But, anyway you look at it, the fact remains…getting a good education takes a lot of big bucks.

    And, with that, I once again wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well! 🙂

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