Liberty Mutual’s “Spider-Man” Commercial…

Like many of us, Doug of Liberty Mutual notoriety harbors a superhero fantasy. So when he and the Emu view footage of Spider Man web-swinging and saving a city, Doug just can’t resist putting a nasty-looking spider on his arm, and encouraging it to bite him in the expectation of receiving spider powers…

Doug appears to have a surprisingly good office, actually…one would expect him to be in a converted broom closet. Anyways, once bitten Doug raises his arms dramatically in expectations of receiving the spider-gift…

Doug is no Peter Parker, however, and what Doug receives is a nasty reaction to the spider bite. “Did it work?!,” asks Doug as he is packed off to the hospital, grotesquely swollen face and all. First the poor sap is denied a helicopter in a previous commercial, and now this. I guess most of us aren’t destined to have superpowers, but we’ll keep the fantasy alive… 🦊

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6 Comments on “Liberty Mutual’s “Spider-Man” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    As Batman hasn’t done so badly without super-powers, maybe Doug should adopt a similarly powerless secret identity. For instance; seeing as how a kangaroo and an emu adorn the national coat-of-arms of Australia, Doug could call himself “Kangaroo Man!”
    With Emu, of course, as his…Bird Wonder.

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      Come quickly, Kangaroo Man…I think I’ve just been struck by The Master Punster! 🙀

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    • carycomic Says:

      By the way: NBC just telecast a six minute-snippet of JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION (sixth film in the JURASSIC PARK franchise) which is evidently going to be released during summer 2022. One of the dino-clones that was rescued from the ill-fated theme park in JP5, only to escape on reaching the mainland, is going to invade a drive-in movie during intermission!

      Hint-hint: it’s not the type that hungers for anthropomorphic song-and-dance snacks.

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  2. Janet Lynn Thompson Says:

    Dear Liberty and Spiderman Movie, Thank you for the horrific black widow commercial. All of us arachnophobic people thank you for the nightmares. Very rude, you otta be sued!!

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    • carycomic Says:

      Personally, I had a dream where I was the new Spider-man and Black Widow Yelena hypnotized me with her pony-tail.

      “You will forget all about new MJ.
      You will forget all about new MJ.
      You will forget all about new MJ.”


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