“Power Thru Overtime” Jack Links Commercial…

Subtitle: “When meat eaters ruled the seas…”
(Scene: In a commercial we are shown a Viking longboat on a wine-dark sea, the sky likewise brooding and elemental. But what is this? Only one Viking warrior remains conscious trying dutifully to ply the oars, her crew mates passed out from fatigue or perhaps mead. She is weary, for the hour is late…but fortunately, the warrior has a powerful ally in Jack Links Beef Jerky! She bites off a healthy mouthful (not at all daintily), and is empowered! Bigfoot appears in the stern of the longboat, and begins to lay down a powerful and quickening beat on his massive drum to set the rhythm for the lone rower. She is empowered, and roars lustily, the very model of a Viking shield maiden! A raven perched on the railing joins in the cry, and the sleeping crew begins to show signs of life. — On to victory for Odin, mighty warriors!

We then flash to the office habitat of our modern female warrior, successfully fighting the battle of after-hours office fatigue with her Jack Links Jerky. Empowerment is delivered, and Bigfoot enters the office to break the wand of the custodian’s vacuum, because sometimes only destruction will express the mood!- – Rawrrr! – –Meat will apparently deliver this one through overtime just as it delivered the Vikings past treacherous seas. It is good to know that their unconquerable spirit lives on!

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2 Comments on ““Power Thru Overtime” Jack Links Commercial…”

  1. vulpesffb Says:

    Heh, “the wine-dark sea.” I dipped into Homer for that one, and I don’t mean Simpson… ; )


    • carycomic Says:

      I liked this commercial. It reminded me of that “Further Adventures of Johnny Quest” episode entitled “Vikong.” Wherein, Dr. Quest informs the viewing audience–for the first time–of the little-known legend that Viking Norsemen were occasionally accompanied on their raids by…trained apes!!

      That “legend” was, of course, made up purely by the script writers. But, as an avid cryptozoology buff, I don’t see where it couldn’t have been historically feasible! The Norsemen got around, after all. Often taking long voyages as much for trading as raiding. And the ones who reached Constantinople (with some of them becoming bodyguards to the various Byzantine emperors) might have passed through the region one day to become Yugoslavia.

      And thereby heard tales of the yeti-like anthropoids called “almas.”

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