Director Wolfdog for Old Spice’s Wild Collection…

wolfdog– – He understands marketing completely, wears an electronic speech translation device around his neck, and occasionally eats his staff members…that’s Mr. Wolfdog, the marketing director brought in by Old Spice to promote their Wild Collection fragrance line.  Wolfie knows his way around an  office, and his is complete with devices like calculators, business awards, and desk toys like a Newton’s Cradle.  Wolfdog is also a busy rascal, having made a series of banner ads, a number of videos posted on YouTube, animated GIFs, and even an album of inspirational business music called Night Business, with cover art featuring Wolfie in shades and a cool casual suit!  His credentials include being Alpha Male for Deciduous Forest Pack #13588 in Woods, Montana.

It’s all parody, but with videos such as How to Give Constructive Criticism (“Use a compliment kabob!,” “Wear a criticism sweater!”), Wolfdog is a more authentic, creative, and benign supervisor than some I’ve had.- -I could work for this guy!  He’d be a great improvement, actually…  

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3 Comments on “Director Wolfdog for Old Spice’s Wild Collection…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Well, he might get hungry like a wolf. But, I’m sure he has the requisite slyness of a fox.


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