Hawkridge, and the Smell of the Wild…


– – The commercial for Old Spice’s Hawkridge runs like a demented out-take for Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.  It’s a high-stakes poker game, and two male players are squaring off over the card hands that they hold while on-lookers gawk.  One card player with glasses, a receding hairline, and a handful of costly rings is contending against a handsome guy who has, interestingly enough, a hawk on his arm.  Although he holds a royal flush, the dominant player is sweating.  We are privy to his thoughts; “I couldn’t get a read on him.  Is he bluffing?,” thinks the man.  Looking up, the royal flush holder sees that his opponent now has two hawks.  Scree, screech the hawks.  A moment later, the hawks have multiplied to four; scree, they cry.  Briefly later, the hawks have multiplied yet again.  The shrill cries are now a chorus, with hawks descending from above and one even roosting on the handsome guy’s head.- -Holy Hitchcock!

When yet another hawk rolls out from under the table between the bespectacled guy’s legs, he obviously has even more to sweat about, and so decides to fold despite holding an unbeatable hand.  This is known as winning by intimidation.  A victory for the hawkmaster, who has also by now acquired his opponent’s girlfriend!  The message is that this scent doesn’t just attract women, but vanquishes competition!  Talk about giving someone the bird…


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2 Comments on “Hawkridge, and the Smell of the Wild…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    That one who came out near Spec’s legs almost tempts me to make a joke about early birds and worms. But, I won’t. 😉


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