Maxwell Pulled Over!

maxwell pulled over  – – We’ve all heard of pulled pork, but Geico takes Maxwell the pig to a different level of meaning with this when a police officer pulls his blue convertible over in a recent commercial.  Maxwell hands the officer his license and registration as well as his Geico digital insurance card.  Now it turns out that the cop doesn’t have a problem with the fact that a pig is driving, but rather the fact that Maxwell’s tail light is out.  “Fix it!,” orders the cop before walking away.

At least we haven’t seen an example of species profiling from the unflappable officer…

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3 Comments on “Maxwell Pulled Over!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Well, in light of what police officers were unflatteringly called, back in the 1960-70’s, this particular traffic cop might have been exhibiting professional courtesy. 😉


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