Malloy– – ‘Toon bears are less common and often forgettable, so I’m glad to find something different.  Both Brickleberry and Yogi Bear are set in fictitious national parks, and include the relationships between bears and park rangers, but the resemblance ends there!  The Comedy Channel show Brickleberry is anything but clean and wholesome, and the center of focus for me is an anthropomorphic grizzly bear cub named Malloy who is crude, politically incorrect, narcissistic, has a superiority complex, and delights in putting down and messing with the park rangers, none of whom are normal individuals!  His parents unintentionally slain, Malloy has been raised by humans, and excessive indulgence in video games and junk food have turned him into something dark and sardonic that nature never intended; this is Baby Stewie from Family Guy in a fursuit!   Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo wouldn’t last five minutes with him, and Brickleberry is anything but Jellystone Park!

In addition to being likened to Family Guy, the show has also been compared to South Park in terms of trying to be offensive and pushing the boundaries, with violent and sexual content making this not a show for the kiddies…but what a bear we have in Malloy!

(note:  This post originally appeared Feb. 28th but was unintentionally deleted when I removed a draft, and so is regenerated here; my apologies to blog subscribers!)

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2 Comments on “Brickleberry…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I’ll bet you that Malloy never makes fun of Scientologists, though!



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