Tubi’s “Rabbit Hole” Commercial…

Being kidnapped by a giant rabbit is probably not one of the fears or phobias that you have, but after viewing this commercial, it may become one! These aggressive pursuit-rabbits are physically waylaying people in a variety of settings, carrying or dragging them to the Tubi streaming service rabbit hole, and casting them into it! Think that you’re safe in your car? Think again…the bunnies mob a group of vehicles stopped in traffic, extracting their occupants. They’ll kick your chair out from under you, and drag you by your heels! It’s a curious mix of cuteness meets the unexpectedly terrifying. Yes, there’s a Donnie Darko vibe here, and the rabbits are not especially gentle…

As they are flung down the enormous rabbit-hole (one is kicked) , the victims do not suffer cardiac arrest, but seemingly have expressions of surprised delight on their faces from the many Tubi offerings that they behold during their descent. So much for fear of falling…this may be the last thing that you see…

Not the best known streaming service, Tubi’s intent during their 2023 Super Bowl ads seems to be to make people aware of their existence through a novel device. “Find rabbit holes you didn’t know you were looking for?” You may never see rabbits the same way again… 🙀


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3 Comments on “Tubi’s “Rabbit Hole” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I didn’t watch Super Bowl 57 as I’m a total non-fan of both the Chiefs and the Eagles. In fact, when I’m usually asked which team I’ll be cheering for, each February, I can usually send the asker scurrying away (for the sake of their sanity) by saying: “I’m not sure, yet. Either the Yankees or the Lakers.”

    But, now that you’ve told me about this particular commercial, I’m doubly glad I didn’t watch it! It would’ve reminded me too much of that old music video by Bjork (which I’m guessing is Scandinavian for “Cher”).

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      Good for you! I was watching “Beastars” and horror shorts during the Super Bowl… 🦊


      • carycomic Says:

        I was watching the nine-hour Godzilla-thon, over @ Comet TV, myself. Oh, how I wish we were as high-tech, 23 years ago, in real life as Toho Studios had predicted we would be back in 1968!

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