IKEA’s Mighty Teddy Bears…

If you’re going to have a teddy bear past the age of 10 or so, you’ll want to have one that’s built like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime…

…and so are these teddy bears in the IKEA commercial, “Every Home Should Be A Haven.” These are buff bears, and ever so useful! They stand outside a home like protective Mafia muscle, wearing sunglasses and functioning like gatekeepers or bouncers! Think you’ll enter uninvited? I don’t think so… 🙀

These teddies are in shape! They lift weights, easily uplift a sofa, and even screen calls inside, crushing a cell phone in one mighty paw when an undesired call comes through. Although powerful, the not-so-soft plushies are good with kids, putting up with makeup parties and tucking the young-uns into bed, all to the rap strains of Final Form by Sampa the Great…

The only thing I don’t like about this commercial is that in the full version, a bear growls, and scares away a fox foraging through garbage outside. We only want milk and cookies, for cripes sake!– – Bear brutality! Oh well, who am I to argue with such ursine muscle? These bruins could take out Yogi without breaking a sweat… 🦊

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7 Comments on “IKEA’s Mighty Teddy Bears…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Personally, I prefer the new one where this farmer just gets back from a drive in the country. And what I initially thought was a half-grown baby llama is jealously looking at the way the farmer’s border collie–presumably used to herd the llamas–was joyfully sticking his head out of the shotgun seat–aka right front–window. of the jeep hardtop. So, that, night, the “baby llama” sneaks out of his stall and goes over to a conveniently “left behind” laptop computer. Using it to go to a car buying website which he signs on to as…Al Paca.

    The next morning, the farmer comes out of his house to see a second jeep hardtop in the driveway! Only this one has a sunroof.
    The commercial therefore ends with the farmer taking for the alpaca for a drive. The latter’s neck periscoping up…

    …through the sunroof.

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  2. carycomic Says:

    “They could take out Yogi without breaking a sweat…”

    Yeah, but would they send flowers and candy, first?

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  3. vulpesffb Says:

    The IKEA teddy bears remind me of a comic book story I read many years ago where a mountain lion invaded a home at night to be found dead the next morning in a child’s bedroom, a teddy bear on the child’s bed, inexplicably bearing cuts and scars…


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