Cox Communications Future Technology Panda…

In this Cox Communications advert, two anthropomorphic pandas are playing a spirited game of ping-pong, complete with appropriate panda grunts and cries…but things are not as they appear, for a mother summons one of the “pandas” to dinner, and playtime is over. He touches a button on a device, shedding his panda avatar and revealing that he’s really a human boy. His friend is likewise human, and furthermore located at a distance away. They give each other a wave and a “later dude” through a projected screen, and return to their mundane real lives…

This is an envisioning of technology of the future, and I find it completely believable. I’d better start saving now for the mobile emitter and massive data plan that I’ll need to shed my human self at will…

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3 Comments on “Cox Communications Future Technology Panda…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Speaking of shedding skins…

    I recently saw an episode of “Legend Hunter” on The Travel Channel. The topic covered was the Beast of Bray Road; and it got me to thinking. With yet another Stephen King remake about to be released, in the form of PET SEMATARY, I’m compelled to apprehensively wonder: will SILVER BULLET undergo a similar mistreatment? Perhaps even to the extreme of being renamed TO KILL A WEREWOLF?*

    *In reference to the original having been narrated retrospectively a la TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      Remakes! Unnecessary, too many of them, and seldom as good as the original. Also, a remake of a bad movie will not necessarily produce a good movie…but just my opinions.

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