Follow Your Instincts!


It’s so hard to find a tasty and healthy snack on the African savanna!  Two lionesses in a Fiber One commercial would kill for something sweet, and are considering the available offerings. – – Flamingos? – – Nah, they’d have to eat about thirty of them.  One offers to split a hippopotamus with the other; too fat, also unacceptable.  The hippo appears to harrumph in surprise or indignation.

Fortunately, we humans don’t have to face such quandaries, with Fiber One providing sweet and healthy snacks at only 90 calories.  You don’t have to hunt and kill ’em, either…




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One Comment on “Follow Your Instincts!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I like the one about the two debutante monkeys from Beverly Hills. One of whom has a penguin butler offering them chocolate-covered frozen banana bars!


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