Camels: “It’s What You Do…”


The original Geico commercial with Caleb the Camel at the office is now kind of a classic.  Success, unfortunately, tends to breed imitation, and so it comes as no surprise in this new commercial to see humans at the zoo tormenting camels on display with “Guess what day it is” banter.  As anyone who has heard the many imitators can vouch, it gets old pretty quickly…

We are then privy to a conversation held between two camels at the zoo who are being badgered by camel wanna-bees, complete with dialogue from the original commercial.  Understandably, they are weary of it.  “It’s not even Wednesday!,” complains one camel to his companion.  “Let it go, Phil,”  advises the other.  The voice of the announcer then cuts in; “When you’re a camel, this is what you put up with all the time…it’s what you do…”

Camels…more sinned against than sinning.  Joe Camel, purveyor of tobacco products in an earlier time, never knew these burdens…and a happy and prosperous New Year to all of our readers!




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3 Comments on “Camels: “It’s What You Do…””

  1. carycomic Says:

    See what happens with stereotyping? You get just one smart-alec dromedary with that tendency…and the more law-abiding camels get unfairly humped–er, lumped–together with him.


    • carycomic Says:

      “Come on, people, now: smile on this website.
      Everybody get together, and comment on
      This installment, right now. Right now!

      With deepest thanks–and apologies–to the Youngbloods.


      • vulpesffb Says:

        As long as we don’t have to link arms, sway, and sing “Kumbaya,” I’m cool with it… a drum circle is alright, too!


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