Happier Than An Antelope…

– – You’ve probably seen at least some of Geico’s “Happier Than” series in which we are shown people basking in the glee of improbable situations, such as Gallagher smashing watermelons at a farmers’ market and Christopher Columbus with a speedboat.  Two comfortably scruffy folksingers called Ronnie and Jimmy then appear to draw the parallel that people saving money on Geico insurance sure are happy, happier than say, a witch at a broom factory…

My fave in the series involves two anthropomorphic antelope standing in the savannah equipped with night vision goggles that easily enable the duo to see a lion lurking in the tall grass.  “Look who’s back…again!,” quips one antelope to the other.  “We can see you, Carl,” an antelope addresses the lion.  “Yeah, we can totally see you!,” confirms his companion.– So much for the stealth advantage!  “Have you thought about going vegan, Carl?,” they ask the apex predator, and laugh.  This could totally disrupt the food chain…and if the lion sleeps tonight, it will be with an empty belly!


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3 Comments on “Happier Than An Antelope…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Lions and other carnivores are already vegetarians…once removed.


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