Meat Ponchos!

– – In another of the Degree Chain of Adventure commercials, three average guys are equipped with “meat ponchos” and then have a pack of wolves released upon them!  “Sweat is like tasty gravy to a hungry wolf,” explains survival expert Bear Grylls.- –Well, only one of the three meat poncho wearers is still standing alive and dry at the end of the commercial, and it should come as no surprise that he’s the guy wearing Degree deodorant!  

I think we’ve all learned something here today…and while I’m glad the wolves got some fresh food, wouldn’t wearing a meat poncho be disgusting, to say nothing of costly?–And wouldn’t Meat Ponchos be a great name for a punk mariachi band?!

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3 Comments on “Meat Ponchos!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I’m reminded of Carol Burnett’s classic spoof of JAWS (called “Jowls”). A man-eating shark was traveling through an un-named city’s sewers. And, the only ones who could stop were Vicki, Harvey, and Tim (with Harvey playing the Robert Shaw role)!

    But, where Robert Shaw sent shivers down my spine with that anecdote about the U.S.S. Indianapolis, Tim Conway brought tears of laughter to my eyes when he revealed how a shark had killed his character’s wife during her daily swim. Which usually entailed the wearing of a lucky ham!!


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