Cheetos “Break Bot”

– – Science fiction has long warned us that technology is a double-edged sword with the potential to be used for either great good or great evil, and we see a little bit of both emerge in the Cheetos “Break Bot” commercial.   We are witness to a scene where two nerds/geeks together with the iconic Chester have constructed a robot apparently on their lunch break to feed them Cheetos when given the command of, “Cheese me!“- -Well and good, right?  The problem is that the homemade robot bitch slaps the recipient in the face following the delivery of the Cheeto…

…being that Cheetos are delivered, however, the one inventor tells the other, “I can live with it!,” and his companion is in full agreement.  We all suffer for our arts and passions, I suppose…

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2 Comments on “Cheetos “Break Bot””

  1. carycomic Says:

    I can see it, now: “Cheetos presents: THE CHESTERMINATOR!”

    Title character voice-over by California’s Gov. Ah-nuld.


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