Cat People…

– – We’ve noted often the frequent presence and use of animals as commercial spokesmen; they’ve also made inroads into the world of fashion, with animals making increasing appearances as accessories for photo shoots of models.  Felines in particular are used, often held by or draped around the model.  

Then again, cats are elegant and stylish enough that they don’t really require a human presence.  When it comes to clothes, I think that cats can wear it well…don’t you? 

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3 Comments on “Cat People…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Jay Leno is of the oft-expressed opinion that animals DO NOT look cute, dressed up in miniaturized people-clothes. But, I think even he would have to agree that a dressed-up cat would look far more attractive than the recently-announced (I am not making this up)… “Drag Queen Barbie!”

    I literally laughed for five minutes when I heard that announced on WDRC-FM, yesterday. I mean; come on! What’s that going to entail? “Interchangeable Ken head, sold separately?”


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