Red Bull’s “Hunter” Commercial…

– – Man, the hunters hate this commercial with a passion, calling it anti-gun, anti-hunter, and even “sacrilegious.”  I could tell you other things they’ve called this ad, but we strive to be mostly family friendly here.  It’s the Red Bull “Hunter” commercial, alternately referred to as “Animal Killer!”  In the commercial, a hunter that could make Elmer Fudd look good goes into the woods, wearing a ludicrous outfit that includes a feathered cap, and whistling a tune.  There’s a bit of a commotion in the woods that we don’t see, but it undoubtedly involves a reversal of fortunes…

…next, the hunter is high-tailing it out of the woods, effortlessly pursued by a wild hog or boar.  It’s an easy chase; the buck-toothed hunter loses his gun then his pipe, and trips over a rock and falls flat, the boar not even breaking a sweat.  The hog, looking mildly amused, taps the prone hunter extracting his face from the ground on the back with his hoof.  “Hey, animal killer!,” says the hog, who continues to offer the hapless Nimrod a Red Bull energy drink.  “Then what?,” asks the clueless mighty hunter.  “Then run faster!,” patiently explains the victorious hog.- -Red Bull, you see, gives you wings!

I haven’t seen such a masterful rout and lambasting of a hunter since Bugs Bunny’s many humiliations of Elmer…  😉

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4 Comments on “Red Bull’s “Hunter” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Ironically, it used to be high praise to be called a “Nimrod!”

    Because, the Biblical figure of that name (a great-grandson of Noah, as I understand it) was described in the Book of Genesis as quite a mighty hunter. It’s only the sarcastic usage of the term, in vintage Warner Brothers cartoons featuring Elmer Fudd, that has made it synonymous with “stupidity.”


    • vulpesffb Says:

      As in, “he’s a real Nimrod!” Another clear example of how Warner Bros. has changed both perceptions and popular culture…never underestimate the power of the ‘toon!


  2. Good synopsis… but FWIW it’s “Loses” his gun….pipe — not “Looses” . Not trying to be a nimrod, just sayin’.


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