FedEx’s “Enchanted Forest!”

– – The Enchanted Forest as envisioned by Psyop in a recent commercial is a wondrous place indeed, filled with sprites, smiling trees, and a variety of dancing, costumed anthropomorphic animals.  There’s even a fox, a remarkably tall and slender specimen wearing shorts and a top hat!  It’s essentially an environmental plug for FedEx clad as a fairy tale, and when those conventions are stripped away, we’re then left with electric trucks, recycled shipping materials, and lower-emission planes as FedEx’s contribution to the environment. 

The spot is 80% live action and 20% CGI at the onset, with an actual forest having been filmed in Washington state on the northern Pacific Coast.  The look is magical but not overly cartoonish, with a sing-songy soundtrack composed by a musical collective called Human which would be “perfectly at home in a 1950’s-era animated film,” according to the spot’s Senior Creative Director/Copywriter.  The animated characters are all fully CGI, and a wealth of fine detail may be seen in successive viewings of the spot, such as the fox character modestly covering himself when his outfit is taken away…

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3 Comments on “FedEx’s “Enchanted Forest!””

  1. carycomic Says:

    They took away Tod’s topper? Oh, dear! His wife (maiden name, “Kit Sune”) isn’t going to like that. Not one…little…bit!


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